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Repair and Overhaul Management

Transcend Aero Services ("TAS") has a vast network of MRO partners that can support repair and overhaul of components, airframe and engines. TAS has repair agreements in place with these MROs and is familiar with the terms and conditions associated with various types of repairs. Not-To-Exceed ("NTE"), Firmed Fixed Price (FFP), Time and Material ("T&M")... sounds like rocket science??? We make them easy for you to understand.   
Some of our MRO Partners and network
Sharp Technics K 
- Airframe C Checks for B737NG, B747 and A320
- FAA 145 Repair Station 57KY418D
- Korean MOLIT
- Hangar located in Incheon Seoul
샤프네크닉스케이 로고_텍스트형.png
Aerospace Engineering Services Joint Stock Company (AESC)
- Wheels and Brakes Assemblies for A330 and A320
- EASA Repair Station EASA.145.0677
- FAA 145 Repair Station 3VOY539C
- CAAV Repair Station VN-009/ CAAV
- Facility located in Hanoi Vietnam
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